About the monitor diagnostics service

monitest is a service for testing a computer monitor, laptop screen, TV or mobile device display.

Previously, to test various screens, most people used special programs to test the monitor (for example, "Nokia Monitor Test" - a world-famous program). The disadvantages of using such programs include a high probability of getting a built-in virus when downloading from the Internet. In addition, the program is usually designed to run on a specific platform. That is, if the program is written for a computer, it will not work for testing the screen of your phone, tablet or TV.

Other users used special monitor test charts or test images to test displays.

Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of checking display devices, we tried to create for you a universal cross-platform tool for testing screens and correctly setting up monitors.

This is how the online monitor testing service appeared monitest.ru.

Now you don't need to download a program to check your monitor for broken pixels, check your monitor calibration using separate picture tables, test your monitor for color rendering using gradient images - just go to the monitest.ru website.

All tools are collected in one place. It is convenient and fast, no searching, downloading or installing. In addition, you can check not only a computer and laptop with monitest. Test the screen of android, iphone, ipad and any other mobile phones and tablets. You can even check the TV for broken pixels, since most modern TVs already support work with the Internet, which means that monitest.ru is available to them

monitest supports testing of monitors with IPS, TFT matrices and all types of mobile device displays. We haven't forgotten about outdated CRT monitors either.

monitest adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions. That is, you can equally easily test a 4-inch screen of your mobile phone and test a 24-inch monitor (or even a 27-inch matrix).

We hope you enjoy our free online service and share the link with your friends. We are also waiting for your suggestions for improving the service.

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